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Trace Kenya Group


Project Details


The adverse effects of not taking good care of the environment is being felt everywhere not only in our country alone but in the entire world as a whole. Climate change is taking a toll on the environment and in response we undertake environment conservation activities geared to mitigate this. The program activities include:

  1. Tree planting

  2. Garbage collection

  3. Clean up activities

  4. Training eco-volunteers in and out of school


Solid waste management

TRACE is currently collecting garbage from households within Gilgil as a means of conserving the environment and creating job opportunities for its members. We offer waste collection services to commercial enterprises, residential houses, bars and restaurants, hotels, shopping malls and government offices. Our services are unique and different because:

  1. Tailor made waste management solutions for each client

  2. Professional and modern collection system

  3. Frequent and reliable service

  4. Environmentally friendly (Recycling at least 80% of the waste!)


Waste separation

When engaging with our clients we advise them to separate waste at the point of production. We do this by providing them with colour coded bins and which separate their waste into three fractions i.e organic materials such as vegetable peelings and other food stuffs, recyclable materials such as plastics, glass, textile, papers and tins and Non-recyclable waste such as baby diapers. This not only helps us in turning waste into valuable resources but at the same conserve the environment by reducing the amount of waste that ends up at the landfills.


Our clients form the starting point of our innovative approach to waste management.

We provide our clients with the means and knowledge to separate their waste. Next to a bin system which makes waste separation easy and attractive, we offer on-going training and informational material such as flyes. With TRACE‚ waste separation is made easy.



One of the end products that we produce from waste are briquettes which are economic fuel alternatives for cooking. Briquettes are a viable and low cost alternative to environmentally damaging fuels such as firewood, kerosene and charcoal. They are similar in appearance to regular charcoal but they are made out of paper and charcoal waste and other normally considered unusable waste such as sawdust.

We have established communal bins within Gilgil town as a way of offering receptacles for garbage by the town’s residents. We are committed to ensuring a clean environment for our town and at the same time offer advertising space for corporate companies on the bins. Funds mobilized from advertising assists the group to sustain collection of trash from the bins and also invest in greener projects implemented by the organisation.

TRACE intends to fully establish a garbage recycling plant where it will use modern machines and technologies to recycle waste in other useful products. This will also create a lot of employment opportunities for youths in the town through the emerging recycling options. To advertise on our bins please do not hesitate to contact us.