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Trace Kenya Group

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Project Details


This project component is meant to deliver important information on issues concerning HIV and AIDS to the youth as well as issues of drugs and substance abuse. To prevent the transmission of HIV/ Aids by empowering the youth through provision of continuous and consistent information on HIV/AIDS, adolescent reproductive health and drug abuse. Due to unemployment many youths tend to indulge in drug abuse in order to calm their frustrations. It is therefore important to enlighten young people on the adverse effects of such behaviors so as to prevent them from getting in to such practices. The program activities include:

  1. Magnet theatre outreaches (MT)

  2. Community participatory theater (PET)

  3. Sporting activities

  4. Peer education sessions

  5. Peer counseling

  6. Organizing youth to youth, parent-youth and teachers-youth discussion forums.




    This project which is ongoing is funded by MTV STAYING ALIVE FOUNDATION - UK whereby TRACE KENYA is reaching out to about 10,000 military and paramilitary youths working and living in Gilgil town and educating them on HIV/AIDS. These youths are highly at risk and due to the nature of their jobs outreaches mostly done within the town have missed to reach out to them as they are mostly confined to their various camps. TRACE is undertaking awareness campaigns inside their camps through exciting video shows, sport events such as football tournaments, tug of war, and condom demonstrations events which is assisting them overcoming obstacles to condom use.

  2. National Council of Churches in Kenya (NCCK)

    This is a Global Fund funded project and TRACE is an implementing partner at the grassroot level in reaching out to youths in informal settings i.e at bus stops, garages, workshops and famous youth joints in town. We engage the youths in behaviour change communication and conduct forums using magnet theatre and plays.


    This project was funded by World Vision and it entailed TRACE KENYA members getting involved in activities such as in school dialogue meetings, essay competitions and school peer education on issues of HIV and AIDS.

  4. Self Help Africa (SHA)

    TRACE members have been trained by Self Help Africa as peer educators on reproductive health and behaviour change. The members have been responsible for liaising with stakeholders and holding peer education sessions at the office as well as organizing for participation of various special events like World’s AIDS Day. The organisation also facilitated the organization with indoor games including: darts, chess, scrabble, drought and monopoly. These games are very popular and have helped members to always be in the office playing any one of these games before they brainstorm on any issue of concern.