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Youth Leadership and Advocacy

With the ever growing number of Kenyan youth there is need for them to be invested in. However, on the contrary the government has not properly addressed this issue at policy level and this has left the plight of many young people un addressed as required.


We have started this advocacy platform so as to initiate dialogue between the necessary government authorities and youth needs. This is an initiation for the benefit of youths and we aim to provide them with necessary resources in all aspects that complement and refer to their identity.


As TRACE we intend to explore opportunities of empowering young people with Leadership skills to enable them to network will all relevant stakeholders so as to encourage government participation in addressing the plights of young people in the country.


Youth across the world have always played an active, positive and effective role in societal transformation. They have played vital roles in fostering democratic transitions and spearheading movements in countries such as China, Colombia, Burma and South Africa. Recently, in 2010- 2011, it was the virility and determination of the young people against the dictatorships in Tunisia and Egypt that marked a turning point in the history of democracy in North Africa, as well as the rest of Africa and the Middle East. Despite these achievements, political leaders have always relegated young people to the background of society when it comes to nation building. Youth have been excluded from the decision-making arena and forced to accept outcomes and decisions without raising their voices.


Important factors that need to be addressed in Kenya:

  1. Rather than creating new institutions for youth policy implementation, all existing institutions should be reviewed and reconstituted by the government, while dissolving the redundant ones.

  2. The different programs and projects of all laws, policies and action plans concerned with youth issues should be approved by all Kenyan youths before promulgation.

  3. The National government and its decentralized units in all Counties should be impartial and keep political party membership aside when making decisions of common interest to youths.

  4. The monitoring and evaluation of institutions concerned with youth policy implementation should be intensified.

  5. Above all, practical modalities to stop corruption and promote good governance while involving youth should remain a major area of concern.